Soba Ru

‘Soba Ruu,’ the annual event organized by the first-year undergraduates of Hospitality Tourism & Events Management Degree Programme, marked its commencement in 2016, with the intention of promoting the Degree Programme. The tagline being “Leave it, as you find it,” ‘Soba Ruu’ stands as one of the CSR activities aligned with the concept of nature conservation, to install the need in public, the need for a waste-free green environment.

The first project has drawn for the “Soba Ruu 2016,” was a cleaning project at Dunhinda Falls and a distribution of waste disposal equipment and a leaflet complaint promoting a hidden destination in Badulla was arranged, being the first Soba Ruu, surprisingly triumph.

In 2017, HTE undergraduates organized a field tour for the schooling students to Bogoda bridge, followed by a seminar, under the Soba Ruu project. Interesting sessions had been organized catering the schooling children in order to reach the real objectives of Soba Ruu; adding value to the general public.

“Soba Ruu 2018” was a huge success with the collaboration of Uva Provincial Ministry of Tourism, Ella Pradeshiya Sabha and Bandarawela Hotel School, followed by an oath to save the nature. A leaflet campaign and a street drama in the Ella area, together with the cleaning project were put up to make the awareness programme more effective. 

“Soba Ruu” acts as a trial event that shapes the student’s event planning and organizing skills for the other events followed by it. Soba Ruu is one of the programmes set up outside the university, making HTE debouch to the general public. It will move forward, serving the public and bringing the real image of Uva Wellassa University to the outer world.

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