VIP Dinner Night

Mini Galena or else VIP Dinner Night is one of the major events that marked in HTE event calendar which is proudly organized by the undergraduates of Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management degree programme under the main guidance of 3rd year students. This degree programme of Uva Wellassa University aims at producing graduates with entrepreneurial skills and the capability to contribute significantly towards the economic development of Sri Lanka in the fields of Hospitality, Tourism and Events management. Equally, based on the curriculum of the HTE degree program, this opportunity of doing such kind of events is a real experience for the students within their period of academic years.

This event is mainly focused on enabling the students to gain industrial and practical exposure within the fields of Event and Banquet Management and Cookery. Similarly, this event is a dining event initiated in 2017 as an annual event. The “Galena II”, event was organized under different kinds of themes and providing fine dining for all participants. Further, from this event, undergraduates can gain practical knowledge regarding the event management and catering.

For the event, the organizing committee has to prepare a proposal, do fundraising, inventory balancing, kitchen and bar coordination, decorations, budget, table arrangement & service operations, entertainment activities etc. Thus, the students have to have complete knowledge and overall practical knowledge regarding the events management. Moreover, there isn’t single negative comment for the event furthermore. That is the most valuable factor of proving the success of VIP Dinner Night. Further, the guidance and the support of the lecture panel of the faculty to doing such a thing is admirable.

The “Galena II” is a remarkable event in the university event calendar which is done by the undergraduates with their fullest contribution to the whole event