Little Rome 2022

Little Rome 2022 was a fine dining event organized by the 3rd year undergraduates of the Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Management Degree Program collaborating with the HTE Club and the Enterprise and Events Management Unit (EEMU), under the supervision and guidance of the Academic Staff attached to the Department of Tourism Studies was held successfully on 29th December 2022 at the HTE Lab with 25 guests.  

Little Rome 2022 aimed at improving the cooking, catering, serving, banquet handling, and events management skills of the HTE undergraduates. In addition, Little Rome was a great opportunity for the guests as it created a platform to have a fine dining experience in an elegant environment with warm hospitality. 

A four-course meal was served to the guests with great hospitality. Same as the menu, the decorations were centered on the ‘Christmas’ theme under the tagline of ‘Warm tastes in cold December’. The beautiful and calming live musical performances by the 2nd year HTE undergraduates created an ideal environment throughout the whole event coloring-up it more and more.  


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