Ms. P.G.S.S. Pattiyagedara
Lecturer  (Probationary)
BBM (Uva Wellassa University)

Email :
Office : +94 553 128 943

  • Reading for Master of Philosophy, Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka, 2022.
  • Bachelor of Business Management (Sp) in Hospitality Tourism and Events Management, Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Ranasinghe, R., Herath, J., Nawarathna, D., Gangananda, N., Bandara, A., & Pattiyagedara, S., (2021). Lockdown Pressure of Corona Pandemic, Tourism Industry Pull, and Individual Travel Push: A Critical Review. Available at SSRN: 
  • Pattiyagedara, P.G.S.S., (2020). “Rural tourism niche-market as a development strategy on rural community: reference to Hiriwadunna village track, Meemure and Heeloya knuckles valley tourism village, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Journal of Management Studies, Volume 2 – Issue 1, 

Conference Publications 

  • Perera L.A.P.C., Pattiyagedara.P.G.S.S Impact of virtual gazing of culinary YouTube experiences on millennials’ purchase intention in Sri Lanka. International Conference on Business Research, 2021.Business Research Unit, Faculty of Business, University of Moratuwa,
  • Pattiyagedara, P.G.S.S., Gangananda, A.M.N.M., Bandara, W.M.A.H., (2021) Stakeholder’s Perspective on Tourism Development and its implication: The Case of Heeloya Knuckles valley Tourism village. 10th International conference on Management and Economics of University of Ruhuna
  • Bandara, W.M.A.H., Perera, L.A.P.C., Gangananda, A.M.N.M., Pattiyagedara, P.G.S.S., (2021) Examining the effect of social media on online reputation management of hotels: A special reference to downsouth during COVID 19 pandemic. 6th International conference on Contemporary Management of University of Jaffna
  • Pattiyagedara P.G.S.S., (2020). Contribution of rural tourism as a development strategy for rural community, special reference to Hiriwadunna village track, Meemure and Heeloya knuckles valley tourism village in Sri Lanka, International research conference, Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

Current Research Activities

  • Wijesundara, WGSR., Danthanarayana, CP., Ranasinghe, JPRC., Perera, P., Bandara, AH., Gangananda, N., Pattiyagedara, SS., & AGNK Fernando (2021). Evolving Food Servicescape under Post Covid-19 New Normal Conditions: Empirical Evidence from Sri Lankan Restaurant Industry. Manuscript submitted for publication to International Journal of Tourism Anthropology (IJTA)
  • Wijesundara WGSR, Sammani UGO, Perera LAPC, Pattiyagedara PGSS (2021) Escape the retain; Graduates career perception on Tourism industry related employments, during the post pandemic of COVID 19. Inderscience Publishers, Track- International Journal of Tourism Policy.
  • Perera LAPC, Pattiyagedara PGSS, Bandara WMAH, Gangananda AMNM (2021), Hospitality Industry retention: A comparative study on State University Graduates vs Hotel school graduates in Sri Lanka. Journal of Management and Tourism Research (JMTR)

Book Chapter

  • Ranasinghe, J.P.R.C., Karunarathna, A.C.I.D., Sammani, U.G.O., Pradeepamali, H.M.J.P., & Pattiyagedara,P.G.S.S.(2021) Modeling perceived Tea Tourism Value and its impact on destination attractiveness; A Visitor perspective from Sri Lanka
    Handbook of Tea Tourism -HTT-04-2021-2453

Assistant Coordinator- (Consultancy Services) of the Sustainable Service Unit (SSU) of the Uva Wellassa University
Academic Assistant- Diploma in Community Leadership
Member of Activity 04 and 03 AHEAD World Bank Project

Member of The institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka

  • Project Management
  • Customs and Practices in Different Cultures
  • Cost Control in Tourism
  • Tourism Economics
  • Wildlife and Eco Tourism