Enterprise and Event Management Unit (EEMU) attached to the Faculty of Management (FOM), Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka with the grants received from ELTA-ELSE development project. The establishment of EEMU has been proposed under the 3rd activity of AHEAD project of FOM.  It aims to be an extended platform to address the needs of skills, knowledge and experience of undergraduates in Faculty of Management particularly related to entrepreneurship and event management industry.

The activities carried out by the EEMU as follows.

  • Planning and organizing the ‘Internal Events’ (On Premise/ Off Premise) as requested by the Event Owner (customer) such as, a faculty, a department, a group, a person, etc.
  • Bidding for the events or parts of the events in the university
  • Planning and organizing the ‘External Events’ (On Premise/ Off Premise)
  • Renting out the Equipment and Utensils, E.g. Catering items, Camping gears
  • Organizing creative events focusing different segments in the target market
  • Providing consultancy for projects, programmes and other works